Jerk Magnet: A Guide to Demagnetize

Jerk Magnet: A Guide to Demagnetize goes beyond help with jerk spotting and avoiding to look at the psychological reasons that cause one to become a Jerk Magnet in the first place.


Clinical case examples show how ingrained personality patterns are a combination of tiny individually Charged Particles from the past that attract you (or your loved one) to the wrong person. Clinically proven, step-by-step instructions help people overcome the personality patterns that cause the attraction to Jerks. Help is finally here to demagnetize.


Jerk Magnet: A Guide to Demagnetize offers guidance and support to help you:

  • Identify three categories of Jerk—The Player, the Meanipulator, and the Psychopath.
  • Identify societal, familial, and environmental factors that contribute to becoming a Jerk Magnet
  • Understand child and adolescent development to help children not only demagnetize but prevent the onset of Jerk Magnetism
  • Uncover the mystery of the Jerk Magnet and help demagnetize with clinically supported methods to correct errors in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors